Saturday, January 24, 2009

at least my mom thinks i'm normal.

i shared the lesbian comment with my mom in my bi-weekly saturday morning email rant.
she doesn't know about my blog and can't comment herself, so i thought i'd take the liberty to post it for her:

forgot to give you my two cents about this lesbian thing. First of all, that was a crummy thing to say. Just because she has a boyfriend who it sounds like might not be all that "in" to her if he doesn't want her moving in with him doesn't mean you have to have one. I'm proud of you for not grabbing on to any Tom Dick and Harry that comes around. There is someone out there for you and one day you'll find him. It might take awhile (look at Brad) but it's better to be alone and happy versus being married or in a relationship and unhappy. Stick with animals for now although I'm ready to give mine away since she left a big wet spot on the carpeting while I was at the tanner. Maybe I'm turning into a lesbian too since I'm not hooked up with someone. What a ridiculous statement!

brad is my cousin who happens to be in his mid-thirties and single. the animal that just wet the carpeting is my mom's beagle-spaniel dog with an attitude problem "ruby".

and my mom also, does not date.

to her defense, she lives in northern michigan, doesn't wear camo, and hates to hunt. which pretty much limits her options in the man-market.

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Gauri Oshun said...

P.S. I think you're normal too. I'd like to hear your friend's thoughts on my life!